Then the Sun returns and with it the heat that makes everything arid and dry again. All that remains is to wait for the next rainy season. However, breathing will be a little less convenient in this position.

However, even if you see a shark or some other water animal, do not panic. Aquatic animals are usually not the first ones to start the ‘killing game.’ As long as you are not harassing or bothering them, they will not want to eat you up. julie’s travel desk Follow all these safety measures to ensure a fun and safe time on your boat. Always wear non slip shoes as boat floors can be slippery at times. Be sure to don high traction footwear that you can wear on wet floors and on dry land.

It’s a good idea to wear your PFD when fishing, especially if you are standing. As we understand what is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard, we should also discuss a few ways to prevent an accident from happening. If they can’t swim, their location will vary on where the waves take them. It’s very easy to lose track of people in the water – especially when viewing from a great distance, or if they’re wearing subdued clothing. Ensure you have a constant visual on the person overboard.

Where the environment played a role hazardous waters were by far the most common cause. Whatever causes someone to fall overboard and into cold water the body will suffer from various symptoms. The best way to pull someone into your boat is by using an under-the-crewman’s weight and balance.

The quicker the entire crew becomes aware of the problem, the better. Emotions can make anyone lose a certain level of contact with reality. It is easy to get lost in the moment and miss out on following the safety measures. Whether it’s a romantic, intimate conversation, or a full-blown argument, try to stay indoors when the emotions rage. While that is great, you and I must never overlook planning for unpleasant circumstances. Protective gears and essential knowledge about boat safety is more crucial than you might imagine.

The shock from the cold water might kill someone instantly. As one struggles to breathe, they may end up swallowing the water. Slow down and throw something buoyant to the person overboard. Assign one person to keep an eye out on the victim as they point continuously to their location. Carefully maneuver your vessel to recover the overboard person – keep them on the operator side of the boat.

It starts with garbled speech, slow pulse, rigid joints, intense shivering, and ends with mental mix-up before death. Emotions can make someone lose some level of contact with reality and get carried away into doing the unthinkable. It’s easy to get dared by your better half to jump overboard when you just said you could do anything for her!

The key is to keep your head above water and to stay aware of your surroundings. Drowning is the number one cause of deaths when falling overboard small vessels. Coast Guard, almost 85% of passengers who go underwater and perish on a boating trip or voyage are those who don’t wear lifejackets. With this in mind, the best way to prepare and prevent potentially deadly accidents is to wear a lifejacket at all times.