According to the process of selective optimization, individuals prioritize particular functions above others, reducing the adaptive capacity of particulars for specialization and improved efficacy of other modalities. The survey method asks individuals to self-report important information about their thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. ________ development involves emotions, personality, and social relationships. Theorists who view development as ________ believe that development takes place in unique stages.

We are not just the product of our surroundings, rather we influence our surroundings. There is interplay between our personality and the way we interpret events and how they influence us. An example of this might hp deskjet 2547 reviews be the interplay between parents and children. Parents not only influence their child’s environment, perhaps intentionally through the use of reinforcement, etc., but children influence parents as well.

Brain maturation enables advancements in our information processing system. At the same time, interactions with the environment also aid in our development of more effective strategies for processing information. It is important to mention, however, that the proportion of this variance explained by gender is usually small and that in some reports the language advantage favors boys rather than girls . In addition to behavioral dissimilarities between males and females, sexual differences in white and gray matter volume and brain functioning have been well documented [114–116].

The hallmark of scientific investigation is that of following a set of procedures designed to keep questioning or skepticism alive while describing, explaining, or testing any phenomenon. Not long ago a friend said to me that he did not trust academicians or researchers because they always seem to change their story. That, however, is exactly what science is all about; it involves continuously renewing our understanding of the subjects in question and an ongoing investigation of how and why events occur. In the area of development, we have seen changes in recommendations for nutrition, in explanations of psychological states as people age, and in parenting advice. So think of learning about human development as a lifelong endeavor.

The development of GM follows an inverted U pattern, with initial growth followed by a continuous decrease . The age at which this decrease in GM begins varies across the cerebral cortex; for example, the frontal system reaches its GM peak between the ages of 12–14 years, while in the temporal lobe this occurs around age 17-18, and in the parietal at 10–12 years. Giorgio et al. used diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging to test for age-related WM changes in 42 adolescents (aged 13.5–21 years).