The translation of tamil is a bit on the way to the end of the page.

To be fair, the English translation is pretty good, but there are a few major problems with the Tamil translation. First, the Tamil word ‘kanna’ means to die. So, it makes more sense that the Tamil people would translate it as ‘death’, rather than as ‘dying’. But then there’s a bit of semantic confusion about ‘kanna’ in tamil as well. This is where the “kannada” translation starts to fall apart.

The only example of the word kanna in tamil, is kanna karna. Kanna means death, but it actually refers to the act of dying. The word karna simply means death.

The problem is that there are a lot of different kannada words that don’t all look like death. For example, kannatho means the act of dying, but you do it by taking your life. The word kanna means death in all of these cases, but in tamil, the word kanna is used to refer to the act of taking your life. Thus, there is a bit of semantic confusion, but it’s not a big deal.

As it turns out, there is no such thing as death in tamil as there is in kannada. That is not a problem though because in tamil, we have the concept of the “kannada word”, and the concept of “death” is far too ingrained in the language of tamil for it to be any different. We might as well call it the death of language.

While the word kanna is used in tamil to refer to death, in kannada, it is used to refer to taking one’s life. Thus, there is a little bit of semantic confusion, but its not a big deal.

The Tamil word for ‘death’ is ‘dura’, which in the context of kannada is the act of stealing and killing someone. Thus, this concept of death is very prevalent in tamil. It’s the idea that a body is not a body after all, it is nothing but a bundle of atoms and a soul. Hence, in tamil you can be called to become a corpse in order to take someone’s life.

to translate someones life to something that has a meaning or purpose in a given culture, there is a tendency to use the wrong word. In this case, it is the word ‘life’ that is translated wrong. Life in kannada is the life of a person. This word is translated as ‘kanna’ in tamil, which is the root of the word ‘kanna’ in tamil.

It’s a different matter in tamil, which is the language of death. The word life is used. The word kanna is used. So the word life is translated as kanna in tamil. But then when we translate the word kanna into tamil, we have to change the word life to death, kanna. It’s an unnatural process to get from death to life, and that’s the difference between tamil and kannada.

In both languages, the word kanna is used as a noun, meaning “life.” It doesn’t mean death, in tamil. Same goes for tamil. But in tamil, we use the word for life, kanna.

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