This song is about how you can be a good friend and a good friend, and still be a good friend.

Is it really that hard to be a good friend, or do you just need to be a bad friend to others? This was the question that the Indian film director, Shobhaa S. Bawumik gave to the late Indian-American composer, Nissim Ezekiel. He told him that it was better to not be a good friend to someone else, and to let them go off on their own. I think the message is clear.

It is interesting how it was a question that Ezekiel didn’t know the answer to, because he had no idea what was meant by being a good friend. He was trying to explain the concept to the man who was about to die. Nissim Ezekiel had the perfect answer for the question, which is that a good friend is someone who is willing to love and be loved.

It seems like the message is that a person should be willing to show up to their friends and family and not expect them to do the same for them. Of course, this would not be a good message for someone like Nissim Ezekiel.

The good friends he had might not have been perfect friends, but they were still there. So he’s pretty much a good friend to be with. If you think it’s a good idea to go ahead and do a good friend on the road, then you should probably go ahead and do that on the road. For us, who are still in search of a good friend, we can say, “I hope I see you again, good friend.

For me, the best thing about Thullatha Manamum Thullum was the song “Let’s Go to the Party”, which is sung by the voice of Nissim Ezekiel. The song takes the listener through an epic party (including the death of some friends) and then leads up to the final party. We found this song to be pretty amazing, as the voice of Nissim Ezekiel is so pure and clean. We hope this song will bring him back to us.

In this song, Nissim Ezekiel sings. He sings in a soft falsetto, and his voice is so pure and clear. He is singing this song to you. Because we feel like he is singing to us, right now.

There’s a little more than just this song, but the song is not only good, it’s as though it’s telling a story, a story that will hopefully lead to greater understanding between the two of you. It’s a journey in itself.

This is the story of the song. The voice of Nissim Ezekiel is the voice of a fallen angel, and he sings to the fallen angels that come to him. He sings of the pain that they felt at the hands of their creator, but they never forget. He sings of his own pain, and how he lost his home, family, and loved ones, and found himself in the midst of a world where he could never return.

The song is a love song, and it is sung to a fallen angel. It’s like a way to express how much we love the fallen angels, and that we love them more than they love us. We love them for their beauty, power, their strength, their compassion, their intelligence. We love them for their kindness, and their innocence. This song is about the joy and pain of the fallen angels, and how we need to be better than them.

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