The last time when Tamil Nadu reported over 10,000 cases was in April 18, 2021 when it added 10,723 new cases. Nearly half of the new Covid-19 cases reported today were contributed by Chennai with 5,098 infections, followed by Chengalpet 1,332. The Tamil Nadu Assembly on Friday adopted over 12 Bills including one that entrusts the TN Public Service Commission with the task of recruitment of personnel in public sector undertakings to further open up job opportunities for the rural youth. A) Tamil Nadu Express runs from MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL to NEW DELHI Station.

Because the streets were flooded, the power department had shut off supply to avert incidents of electrocution. Heavy rainfall lashed Chennai since Saturday night, causing waterlogging in several areas of the city. According to weather blogger K Srikanth, this was the highest amount of rainfall that Chennai had received in a 24-hour period since 2015, The Hindu reported. Come live a Maharaja life now on board the most luxurious train in the world. Embark on a saga of adventure, elegance, and romance on board Maharajas’ Express, which definitely is one of the finest travel experiences in the world, a journey like no other. Rajdhani trains have seats in 3 travel classes, namely 1 AC, 2 AC, and 3 AC.

Coach Position means where will coach come at the platform at stations. Some trains have long halts at stations while some have very short halt (of about 1-2 minutes only) and it gets very difficult for passengers to board safely due to rush and very less timings. In such cases train coach position is very helpful as by this facility, passengers can know beforehand where their train coach is going to arrive at the platform and so they don’t have to run with their luggage in hand to board the train. Train coach position is very useful for passengers as they will then know where to stand at platforms when train arrives and can catch train without any hassle. Their are indicators too at the platform sometimes to know coach position in trains which is also helpful for passengers, however not every station in India have digital indicators and in such cases too train coach position is quite useful for passengers.

The ticket booking starts 120 days in advance, so it is better to book at that time. Cleartrip will ensure that you have a smooth and effortless experience while planning your travel. Analysts say that railway authorities caught on a wrong foot by these incidents tend to blame the accidents on ‘deliberate sabotage’ raising the sceptre of terrorism. Even today novice railway minister Mukul Roy has said that deliberate sabotage of the TN Express incident cannot be ruled out. But police officials on the spot – after a quick investigation – refute such a possibility. This means that railways should take up the issue of safety seriously and allocate sufficient funds to tackle this problem.

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The 1 AC coaches are coupes with locking facility while 2 AC coaches have curtains for privacy. Four years into blogging, Jaswanth has an overall idea about how cyclones, thunderstorms and monsoon work. So whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned blogger, forecasting is going to be challenging.

With a sudden rise in bloggers and forecast activities, Parthasarathy cautions, “Read as much as you can. People give predictions based on charts but that can create panic. Please don’t forecast without learning the fundamentals.” The interpretation I do today, they’re able to do at a young age. Accessibility to data and technological stansberry research youtube advancements play a vital role in that. A few years back, every 12 hours we would have forecast charts but now it’s available every hour. All information related to pressure, wind accumulation, precipitation accumulation are given,” he elaborates. Research, practice and work is his his word of advice to budding bloggers.

Dharmaraj goes on to slap Venkatesh several times before taking him to the police station. Passengers will now need to carry vaccine certificates showing they are fully vaccinated to travel in Chennai suburban trains. You can easily check all necessary train details by just typing the name or number of the train on the RailYatri time table search page. In multiple stoppage sections of the train, train time table has substantial time buffer included as part of train schedule time table. This allows train to recover time if running in a delayed fashion. The Tamil Nadu government said that the monsoon has been active over the state since last two weeks, The Hindu reported.

Heavy rainfall is likely to continue in Tamil Nadu over the next two days, according to the India Meterological Department. The Chennai administration issued a flood alert to residents as gates of two reservoirs will be opened on Sunday to release surplus water accumulated from the heavy downpour, PTI reported. Weather blogger K Srikanth said this was the highest amount of rainfall that the city had received in a 24-hour period since 2015.