This sandhill finance has all the things that make it worth it to spend a few bucks every month as a way to get your money invested.

There are four ways to spend $200-600 bucks each month.

The first is to get a real-life bank account that allows you to withdraw all of your income. The second is to open a real-life investment account and pay yourself a salary. The third is to open a real-life savings account and use it for anything from home repairs to vacations. The fourth is to invest in a mutual fund that will grow in value over time. You can’t do it all on one account though. We can only invest in funds that we already have.

In the end you have a number of accounts that you can use to invest in the stock market, real estate, mutual funds, and so on. Once you are able to invest your money, you can use it to borrow against your savings accounts or other assets. You can then use that money to buy and sell real estate, stocks, and so on.


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