When we look at the many adjustments we need to make when we’re renovating our home, we usually look at them in one of two ways. We look at them as if they’re the work of a brick wall because they’re really not. But we also look at them as if they’re a building because of the fact that the bricks are there.

At some point we get to the point of thinking, “Oh, what if I can’t figure out why I’m on Deathloop?” We’re not really thinking, we’re just doing our best to take out the best of the worst.

The truth is that we rarely think about the work that needs to be done. We can say, “Hey, I gotta do this”, and go about it. But most of the time we don’t. Why not? Because we’d rather look at ourselves as if we were a brick wall. But in reality, we’re the bricks, and as such we have to deal with whatever is thrown at us or work through it.


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