She then achieved enormous success as a solo artist, and as an actress in films and television shows. Patti is a Grammy-award-winning singer who is independent and an inspiration for many people. She is also entitled and known as “Godmother of Soul” and is the queen of rock and soul music. Some sources claim that what does critically acclaimed mean she’s also listed in the Guinness Book of Records for selling more concert tickets than any solo performer in history. Before going solo, as lead singer, she released 11 studio albums. In her basket, she earned Honorary Doctorates, Emmy awards, Grammy Awards, Image Awards, and Lifetime achievement awards.

They had three children, and by working so closely together, they were able to balance personal and professional responsibilities and tensions. LaBelle said because of her sisters and parents dying “before their time”, she wrote in her autobiography that she feared she wouldn’t make it to 50. Once she reached that age, however, the singer said she felt her life “had just begun”. A year later, LaBelle was diagnosed as having diabetes and later became a spokesperson for several organizations dedicated in fighting the disease. Though the album did not achieve the same level of success as ‘Nightbirds,’ it received favorable reviews.

Following the separation of her parents, she was raised by her mother single-handedly. As a child, she was reserved and coy but made great friends with Claudette Grant whom her mother had adopted. Patti LaBelle was born as Patricia Louise Holte to Henry Holte and Bertha Holte in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While her father was a railroad worker and lounge singer, her mother was a housewife. According to The New York Post, she is currently single and is not giving up in finding love as she wants a husband rather than a boyfriend.

LaBelle began singing at the age of ten, when she joined the church choir at Beulah Baptist Church; she performed her first solo with the choir just two years later. Then, when she was sixteen and a student at John Bartram High School, she won the school’s talent competition. Following her win, in 1960 she formed a singing group with her classmates named the Ordettes.

The song peaked at the number 1 status on the Billboard Hot 100. After years of her involvement with a band, she disbanded to start her solo career in 1977. She came up with several albums, each of which exposed her brimming talent and skills and recorded her total sales of over 50 million records. For her outstanding musical abilities, she has been inducted into various Halls of fame, including the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Apollo Hall of Fame, and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.

“My voice is stronger now than when I was 30,” Labelle told the Fort Meyers News Press. I’m not going to mess up my instrument, you know, by doing anything cuckoo. ” It’s evident as the entire theater gives the Godmother of Soul a standing ovation after she belts out every single song. For every one of Patti LaBelle’s successes, there was a failure, and for every accomplishment, there was a loss. The soul singer has taken a number of hits in her life and career and has still come out on top.

One Night Only’, and her single ‘Lady Marmalade’ got her Grammy awards in the years 1992, 1999, and 2003 respectively. She has also had several collaborations with established artists – this includes ‘Your Song’ with Elton John and ‘Superwoman’ with Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick. Patti LaBelle is a singer, actress and author who is best known for songs such as ‘Lady Marmalade’ and ‘On My Own’. In 1996 Turner received France’s most prestigious arts honor when she was made a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.