She helps Brock break into the analysis facility to seek for evidence, and he learns that an acquaintance of his, a homeless woman named Maria, is among the test topics. Brock attempts to rescue Maria, but the symbiote possessing her transfers to his body with out him realizing, leaving her useless jesse cox dodger relationship. Brock escapes and soon begins displaying unusual signs. He reaches out to Weying for assist, and her new boyfriend, Dr. Dan Lewis, discovers the symbiote on inspecting Brock. Drake exposes Skirth to the remaining captive symbiote, killing both. This leaves the symbiote inside Brock as the one recognized surviving specimen.

When Brock and Venom are bonded once more, the latter states that he has been satisfied to help protect the Earth from his type via his interactions with Brock, and the pair try and cease Riot and Drake with Weying’s help. Venom damages the probe as it takes off, inflicting it to blow up and kill each Riot and Drake. After the incident, Brock returns to journalism, while Weying believes Brock is no longer bonded to Venom after this, and that Venom also died within the explosion.

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Brock is an investigative journalist who turns into the host of Venom, an alien symbiote that imbues him with super-human abilities. Director Ruben Fleischer mentioned that in contrast to a werewolf or Jekyll and Hyde, the connection between Brock and the symbiote is a “hybrid”, with the two characters sharing a physique and dealing collectively. Hardy was drawn to this duality, and in contrast the pair to the animated characters Ren and Stimpy. Hardy gave Brock an “aw-shucks American accent” while utilizing a “James Brown lounge lizard”-like voice for Venom, that was later “modulated to sound more sinister”. Hardy known as Brock an antihero who would “do no matter he has to” to accomplish a objective.