Although its gross sales neared $6.2 billion for the 12 months ended May 31, its profits were only $69 million, down from $182 million the prior 12 months. “It’s a shock,” says Curtis, carrying the tea tray into the lounge. “I’m going to have to faux I have not heard it.” In black slacks, sweater, and high-heeled boots, and sporting a marriage band of tiny diamonds, Curtis is an image of understated class. In Hollywood, the place middle-aged actresses are expected to resort to extreme measures to look youthful, her quick, naturally silver hair is subversive. By local standards Jamie Lee is letting her freak flag fly. On a cold afternoon in a rustic canyon in Los Angeles, Jamie Lee Curtis’s home buzzes with activity.

But ultimately U.S. tanks, assault airplanes, precision-guided bombs, special-operations forces, and other property would crush the Iraqi military. The combat part of the struggle would be over when the United States destroyed Saddam Hussein’s management over Iraq’s government, armed forces, and stockpile of weapons. Over the past few months I interviewed a number of dozen people about what could probably be expected in Iraq after the United States dislodged Saddam Hussein. An assumption behind the query was that eventually the United States would go to war—and would go along with at finest a fraction of the assist it loved eleven years in the past when preventing Iraq through the Gulf War.

She has a new gig as a spokesperson for Dannon Activia yogurt, she volunteers at her son’s school and for several youngsters’s charities, and this September she will publish her eighth guide — Big Words for Little People. She does get pleasure from acting but now not permits it to intrude with her private life, declining film work that requires long hours or extensive travel without her family. Woolsey and his allies could be criticized for lacking a tragic creativeness about the place warfare might lead, but a minimal of they acknowledge that it will lead someplace. If they are more optimistic of their conclusions than many of the other folks I spoke with, they do see that America’s involvement in Iraq would be intimate and could be long.

It was an undeniably painful period for Deutsche, with a €5.7bn pre-tax loss in 2008. But in contrast with some rivals, the German lender was able to shrug off the disaster. Back in 1995, Deutsche was a staid home lender led by Hilmar Kopper, a Prussian farmer’s son. Wall Street names corresponding to JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch had been expanding aggressively, thanks to booming markets, the rapid growth of financial derivatives and the advent of electronic buying and selling. Do you need more assist, head to the NY Times Crossword solutions page of the net site. Almost from the moment the election was decided–and the Republican campaign to unseat Adams had failed–the Republican press shifted its attacks almost totally to the President, hanging the sharpest blows Washington had but identified.

Many astronomers argued that a planet ought to have adequate gravity to comb up or expel the debris in its orbit, clearing its own path round its star. The eight main planets have largely accomplished so, however not Pluto or Xena. “It is scientifically the proper thing to do,” Brown said after the vote, gracefully giving up the best to call Xena—his team’s discovery—the tenth planet. ▪ You should repeat each test a minimal of ten instances utilizing a different animal of the identical kind for each test. A minus sign (-) adopted by some letters on the end of a sample means “exclude these letters”. -ei finds 5-letter phrases that start with “sp” but do not comprise an “e”or an “i”, corresponding to “spoon” and “spray”.

As for the Europeans, they’re thought to have a poor document in threat assessment. Unlike the United States, Europe has not really been responsible since World War II for life-and-death judgments about army issues, and Europeans tend to whine and complain. American war advocates say that Europe’s reluctance to confront Saddam is like its reluctance to recognize the Soviet threat a generation ago.

Radiantly wholesome and straightforward in her own pores and skin, Curtis is gifted with a trenchant wit and self-awareness, which she deploys when sharing her personal life struggles. The daughter of movie stars Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, she was born a Hollywood princess. Fame came at 20, when she starred in a spate of horror motion pictures sally snowden mckay, including Halloween. Later she came to be generally recognized as “the body,” displaying her voluptuous figure in such fare as Perfect. Eventually her talent with a well-timed wisecrack turned her declare to fame in comedies corresponding to Trading Places.

He wants to provide them short-fuse, challenging assignments, ones during which they want to come up with an answer in forty eight hours. Pillsbury shall be a more durable fix than Mr. Smith’s career was, although. Its foods enterprise is stodgy and its restaurant enterprise in disarray.

Through the years they’ve each warred in opposition to and sought frequent trigger with other Kurdish tribes throughout Iraq’s borders in Turkey, Iran, and Syria. Mosul also has some of the country’s richest reserves of oil. The former province of Basra, to the southeast, borders Iran, Kuwait, and the Persian Gulf. Its inhabitants is mainly Shiite Muslims, who make up the majority in the country as an entire but have little political power.