Clarke survived but the men involved had to go on the run. The Ballylongford Company now became very involved in the events in and around north Kerry. In March 1920, as part of the large-scale attack on Ballybunion Barracks, carried out by the Listowel, Ballyduff and Ballybunion Companies, the Ballylongford Company trenched all the roads leading into Ballybunion from Listowel, Tralee and Ballylongford. Jerry Lyons coffin being shouldered through Duagh A young man happened to have a camera that day in Duagh, and the photos included here are rare visual images of a local Republican funeral. These were taken by Dr Robert Corridan and reproduced here with the permission of his son, Paul. These photos in Springmount show the mourners gathered round the flag drapped coffin of Jerry Lyons.

During this time some took the opportunity to visit family or to go to religious and secular events. It was coming from a Redemptorist mission in the area that local IRA commanders Patrick Walsh and Patrick Dalton along with Con Dee met Capatin Jeremiah Lyons at Gortaglanna Bridge, and all four stopped for a chat. Three lorries of Black and Tans were, coincidentally, travelling along that road from Listowel – and on the morning of May 12, 1921 these four men and the Black and Tans met each other at this fateful spot in Gortaglanna, in the valley of Knockanure. Like many daughters of tradesmen in rural Ireland she attended the local school for a few years, and by 1901 she was 24 and living, at home, with her widowed father and siblings. This is when her life takes an somewhat unexpected turn. By 1905, she was in Aldershot in England, where she married John Wilmot, a Private in the 8th Hussars (The King’s Royal Irish), on April 9th.

It’s been a super busy and fun week with your children. We are all working on learning the routines and rules of our classroom. Be safe, be kind and be responsible are the words we often use in our school. We focused on friendship, cooperation, classroom rules, making good choices, and so much more! This week we worked on more than/less than/equal to math concepts. Please continue to practice these beginning skills at home when you can…making dinner, setting the table, cleaning up toys.

I hope to talk to Nanny tomorrow and have come to both the old and new place. I know that not knowing where we are can frustrate her and cause unnecessary worry. The commute to Cupertino takes about 15 minutes on city streets and about half that on the freeway. I’ve driven lots of miles this week, but it hasn’t been unbearable.

Don’t forget to leave a class list and have all emergency procedures posted and ready. Have buses posted and who rides them and how other students get home. It strikes fear in the heart of every mother and teacher. Train your family on how to care for themselves, train your class in good behavior and leave detailed preparations for your substitute. I want to welcome you all to our classroom blog! This blog will be frequently updated with pictures, newsletters, and information regarding our classroom.

We later ordered two blank motorized engines from their customer service and they were awesome. The trains arrived this week and building began again! We could put Thomas on the engine and it really looked like he was the engine. You will refine your tub over time and perfect it and change it- that’s ok- hopefully that is just mirroring the same thing that is happening to you as a teacher in your quest to serve your students as best as you can.

This is another terrific option for paper plate crafts. This adorable paper plate bee craft will get the kids buzzing all over the place. They may want to make a couple because they are so cute. S is one of fourteen of our Y13 students invited for Oxbridge interviews this year. And we have just heard the excellent news that a Y13 has been accepted to Harvard. Please don’t believe what you read about comprehensive schools.

I also envisioned newspaper articles about a lost family missing in the wilderness area. The majority of the family thought this was super fun. The years have been good, and home is always where you hang your hat — it is rite aid job survey finally time for a change. Last fall we finally over came the inertia of wanting to remodel the living area, and finally met with an architect, Chris K. Last April, I think Mark got the reference from our accountant Doug.