Choose the “Select USB Configuration”. Disable Always On for Mobile Data in Developer options. The overheating isn’t a common issue as some other indeed are, but it’s still present.

If I hold down the volume rocker I can get into the bootloader but it resets before I can select anything and boots right back into the google logo. In comparison to almost all other enlisted issues, this must be the worst. This, like almost all others, also started occurring after a major update to Oreo 8 or 8.1. The affected users stated that the error is hardly connected to a single app, as the phone reboots randomly without any obvious reason.

In order to remedy this, please delete any applications which you do not use through Google Play Store. Obviously not life and death, but it’s annoying to have to wait 10 minutes for every reboot. jordu schell blog Should have added that this is a moto x gen 1 from ATT. Uh, this should have followed a longer post that apparently has gone to moderation for approval. I’ll fix the two posts once it appears.

These, like many other errors, mostly started occurring after the upgrade to Oreo 8.0. It seems that even the Android One devices are subjective to software-inflicted issues. Actually this has happened on ALL Androids since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich as the OS Optimizes ALL apps, Photos, Music, Pictures etc… 1 trick to eliminate this is to offload your pics, music, videos etc… You can remove the Apps as well, but if you use them you will lose any stored data and settings so I would leave the apps on it.

If the problem persists, go back to the stock recovery menu and perform a factory reset. After a couple minutes the process starts over again all by itself. It has been sitting here on my desk doing this for about 45 minutes now. Looks like I was able to experience Marshmallow for about a day, going to have to head back to the Nexus 6 and get a hold of Moto.

I’ve seen this happen before back in the Android 4.4.x days when I would change the runtime on my phone from Dalvik to ART. Each time I’d reboot my phone and it was set to use ART, the phone would Optimize each application for use. I would change the runtime in the phone’s developer options.

The solution, until an update is released, is to not restart the phone while it’s plugged in. Browse other questions tagged boot-loop boot motorola-moto-g . Access the Moto X to Android Transfer and launch it on your computer. Use two separate USB cables to connect your Moto X and new Android phone to your workstation. Then you should go with the on-screen pompts to make your devices be recognized. On the next screen hit the Power button to select Reboot System Now.