Did you know that Hampton Casino Ballroom is famous for its concerts? Well, you do now! It is the place for live music fans to see a wide variety of acts performed.

Well, you do now and it’s not a bad place for live music to happen, but it’s definitely not the place for an all night long concert. Live music concerts are held in the casino’s main ballroom, so if you want to get a show, you’ll need to book a room at a hotel or camp out on the stage.

Well, now that we’ve all been to the casino ballroom, it’s the place for us to get a show! We’ll be there from 8pm on Christmas Eve to midnight on New Years’ Eve and into New Years’ Day as well. It’s not like you can get a better location for concerts because the ballroom is the best spot in the entire resort.

The venue has a long history of hosting the best shows in the Las Vegas area. Now it looks like there are plans to expand the venue and create even more exclusive concert venues for the Vegas Strip.

The main reason the casino ballroom is so great is that it’s the only casino ballroom that has an outdoor stage that is open to the public. This allows a person who is staying in the resort to be able to get onto the stage with their friends, and still have a good show.

The casino ballroom is a little over-saturated with the biggest names on the Strip, but it also has a great sound system. The stage that it is located on is also the only stage in the casino that is fully equipped with lights, and it also has a great sound system. So in addition to the main stage being the best in the entire resort, it is also by far the best stage in Las Vegas.

It’s been a while since my last video, but it was the first time it took me this long. I don’t know how many times I’ve played it, but it sure helps me to play it again. The sound system works well with your eyes on the screen, but it isn’t an all-out all-out experience.

The casino’s main stage is huge, with a large stage that looks as though it was built by some guys from a construction site. It is just the main stage, and then there is a second stage with three rows of seats and a little bar. I always forget I’m in a casino theater. The stage lighting is great, and the sound system sounds great. The only downside for me personally is that the stage is very small.

It really is a small stage, but its size is relative to how many concerts there are to accommodate it. The casino is more than just the main stage. There is a second stage with three rows of seats and a little bar that can only be seen from the stage. It is a nice touch that a stage-sized space can be dedicated to one particular type of concert.


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