I’m always on the lookout for new ways to categorize my incoming email. I tend to use labels like “new” or “upcoming”, but I’ve also heard of “saved” or “unsubscribed”.

Some of the new categories for email are similar to what you’ll see next in the new list.

When it comes to labels, Gmail is more than willing to let me know that certain categories will be “off-limits” or “hidden” from my email inbox. They’ll let you know what categories will be off-limits and what will be hidden from your inbox.

Gmail is one of those things that seems to be pretty universal and not very customizable. But its a great way to be consistent and to easily share information.

Like other similar apps, Gmail also lets you customize which categories you want to be shown in your inbox. But, like other apps, it doesn’t really let you know what categories you are actually not allowed to see.

You’re allowed to see your own emails if you are signed into your gmail account. So if you want to see the categories that are off-limits, you can click your gmail account name to see a little box that says “I am not signed in. Click here to see categories that are not visible.

You can also select the boxes in your inbox when you create a new email account. The only caveat is that the boxes will only be visible in Gmail if your email is actually in your domain name.

Apparently people are finding this confusing. The only categories that are visible are the ones that are assigned to you by gmail.

The categories and labels are a bit confusing because they’re not actually assigned to you by gmail. Gmail uses a “fuzzy” system of assigning categories and labels to your gmail account. This means that, even though you may be a fairly technical user, the system assigns categories and labels based on your email address.

That’s my second and strongest point. I’m not a gmail user, and so I don’t know how to use the system to assign a category or a label to a gmail account. I’m trying to help you find the right gmail account so that the system can determine which gmail account to assign to.

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