Technology has come a long way; the development of technologies and the increasing use of them has made us more aware of our surroundings. But should we really use technology to our advantage? It’s very easy to feel like technology should be used this way, and that it makes us more aware of the world around us, but what it really does is make it more difficult to be fully present. This is why, when using a certain technology, it can be hard to truly be present.

There is a particular element that I always find in technology that is a bit of a draw to its uses. It’s the ability to be present by using technology to interact with objects of your physical location and the ability to use technology to interact with things outside of your physical location. It’s this ability that makes technology so useful, as well as effective, when it comes to dealing with a specific situation.

The most common element used in technology is text, as you can see here. There are a variety of technologies that use text to make the experience easier. For example, we use text to make a game, or to make a video, or to make a music. We use text for things that are important to us, the things that make us feel special.


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