Concha is also a sea shell but the shells are usually refered to as conchitas to avoid saying cunt. While, concha-tu-madre is an insult, latin women do not always find the use of the word concha as a body part to be as offensive as english speaking women find … You’ve posted this question a couple of times now so I guess you haven’t seen an anwer you’ve liked. Basically the goal isn’t to hurt her and to try and salvage a friendly relationship rather than resort to doing what most people seem to think is a good idea.

Equivalent of ‘I beg you pardon? Stems from the phrase ‘Mándame’. Lucha Libre – noun Mexican show-wrestling, ff12 international zodiac job system english similar to WWE-style shows in the USA. Wrestlers are divided between rudos and tecnicos.

E.g. “Ese wey es bien entrón” (He’s quick with his fists). Enseñar el cobre – verb Of a person, to reveal an ugly or darker side, having previously preserved a more acceptable veneer. Literally ‘to reveal the copper’, given that in comparison to gold, which is of a similar colour, copper is a baser metal.

The vast majority wear masks, the removal of which is seen as a great dishonour to their characters, who inspire great devotion and adulation in Mexican culture. Jovenazo – noun Term used to describe a virile or energetic young person. Golfato – noun A person’s sharpened sense for ‘easy’ women. Godín – noun A person who works in an office from 9am to 5pm. Often a pejorative term who some who is ‘just cashing a paycheck’, rather than being really committed to their career. Gasolinazo – noun A sudden hike in gasoline prices.

The pilot of old was skillful, and later the master was selected to conn the ship in action, that is, direct the helmsman. These could range from simply claiming that an order for food was botched, to claiming to be a certain profession, which required training. The products did wind up getting free advertisement – but on Con, not where they were told. Noun plural noun caballeros. ‘He wore a sword, the symbol of his status as a gentleman, or caballero.’. ‘Stemming from the Spanish word caballero, it was meant to connote Catholicism, foreignness, and immorality.’.

Not necessarily in the proper Spanish language, but definitely in Puerto Rican slang words and phrases. Here are just a few examples. We are the biggest Reddit community dedicated to discussing, teaching and learning Spanish. Answer or ask questions, share information, stories and more on themes related to the 2nd most spoken language in the world. What Does Chona Mean In Korean?