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QZone is another of Tencent’s properties, and an estimated 97% (481.9 million) of its users are in China. Marketers will be pleased to find a powerful advertising back-end, established influencer channels, as well as a native geekzone blog lottery (a.k.a. contest) feature. It has outlasted domestic competitors and surpassed Twitter in users, revenue, and innovation . China’s answer to Twitter, Weibo is the oldest and largest micro-blogging platform in China.

There is one exception where the white logo might not work, and it’s with colour printing. In this case, Twitter recommends applying for permission to use the black logo instead. Snapchat has a ghost inside of its logo, and it’s called Ghostface Chillah.

Currently Snapchat has more than 265 million users who are daily active on the platform. Snapchat has often been seen to represent a new direction in social media, with its users craving a more in-the-moment way of sharing and communicating via technology. Evan Spiegel himself described Snapchat as primarily a camera company. Nevertheless, the growing mobile app moved to offer distinct publication, media, and news content within its Discover channel, as well as with its overall style of presentation.

The famous Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah was the inspiration for this phantom policy. The purpose behind using ghosts is to show the primary aspect of thebrand’s phantom policy as well as the short time of openingof messages. Snapchat users, the primary reason they use Snapchat was to stay connected with their friends and family. India is second with more than 7 million users, and France was third with more than 24 million active users. Every social media site has come up with a unique method to make itself stand out andraise brand awarenesssimply by introducing a simple yet intricate logo.

Snapchat has come up with one the “think out of the box” concepts and came up with an identity with theghost as its character. Snapchat is also known due to its very high rate of engagement, 48 percent across the US and its reliabilityservice. Furthermore, if the receiver takes a picture of the image or video the sender will be informed.

When using Snapchat’s branding it’s important that no other logos or elements infringe the space around it. Clearspace around the logomark should always be equivalent to 1/3 of the width of the logomark. Instagram has two main logos, the black and white logo and the App Icon. This is the purpose of using ghosts to display the primary aspect of the brand’s phantom policies as well as the brief time it takes to open messages.

In August 2020, Snapchat collaborated with four TikTok influencers to launch Augmented Reality lenses to create a more interactive experience with users. The lenses now incorporate geo-locational mapping techniques to incorporate digital overlays onto real world surfaces. These lenses track 18 joints across the body to identify body movements, and generate effects around the body of the user.

Consumer brands especially should take note of Instagram for its shoppable posts and Stories, as well as its powerful back-end for targeted ads. For those businesses, WhatsApp’s most appealing functions include streamlining customer service conversations and showcasing products in a catalog . And so, we present to you, in order from largest to smallest , all the social media sites.