Better Than Ever is unlockable early on in the game as part of the White Mage job. This passive ability allows party members to heal HP beyond their maximum amount. For example, if a party member heals 1,000 HP when they only have 200 missing, the remaining 800 still carries over. There’s a possibility that Attack spells inflict status effects.

With Reprisal, Defender of the People, Pain and Gain, Enrage, and Aggravate, you’re a (slow-moving) death porcupine. It’s incredibly useful, particularly in boss fights, to control or at least strongly influence who’s getting attacked. It takes some of the randomness out of fights, and prevents your defensive casters from getting shellacked.

The Spear of Judgement’s Critical Flow and BP Limit Up gives you more of that wiggle room with regards to BP usage, and Auto Guard reduces the need for healing. As one of the first job asterisks you receive from defeating a boss, White Mage is quite helpful in Bravely Default II. It’s a recurring job in the series for a reason, after all. They’re your one-stop shop for healing and taking care of your team. Angelic Ward helps them survive longer in battles, and Sacred Light can help rally the troops during long battles.

This will lower all resistances to every element and weapon, letting a Black Mage reach full power with its strongest elements regardless of an opponent’s resistance. Black Mages are a vital component of your party in Bravely Default 2, and these are the best sub-jobs to use in order to get the most out of them. I initially gave the Beastmaster job a test drive purely to unlock the MP Saver ability. Turns out, larsa pippen nose Beastmasters are extremely fun—and pretty good, too, particularly as a sub-job. When a Red Mage is fully leveled up they’ll unlock the Chainspell perk, which makes it so every spell you cast is cast twice, back-to-back, for no cost to MP. In the middle of a tough boss fight, when your entire team is hanging on by a thread, the option to cast Curaga twice in a row at no extra cost to your MP or BP is a godsend.

The Oracle is unlocked by defeating the final story boss in Chapter 3. The job specializes in speeding allies up and slowing enemies down through manipulating time. The Bravebearer job is only unlocked after completing the game’s second ending and fighting Sir Sloan’s ghost at his grave. It’s extremely powerful, allowing you to affect the way characters gain and lose BP. Bravely Default 2 brings the throwback JRPG series to the Nintendo Switch, making it one of the console’s biggest exclusives releasing in 2021.

You’ll gain access to Black Mage when your protagonist meets Elvis and Estelle. The class is focused on offensive magic, unleashing elemental attacks to capitalize on your enemies’ weaknesses. The majority of Bravely Default 2 jobs are unlocked by defeating Asterisk bearers, bosses who possess a powerful item that gives them access to great power. Once you’ve beaten them, you’ll acquire the new Asterisk and be able to assign the job to any of the Bravely Default 2 playable characters. Because all party members start with the Freelancer job, it’s recommended to unlock both of these abilities as soon as possible.

If you’re not up to spending your PG, Elixir will work just fine with Advanced Compounding (Ether + Healing Herb + Healing Herb) to heal both HP and MP with buffs from Spiritmaster specialties. This combination is also on the fragile side, but you can worry about that less thanks to Spiritmaster’s reviving capabilities. Pair this with a Red Mage + Oracle for the buffs and debuffs to maximize damage output. Revenge is a useful ability for tank characters to have in their back pocket, particularly the Shieldmaster. Thieves can use it with Mug to steal from entire enemy parties at once. The unfortunate trade-off is that the Bard also has a high chance of being attacked.