Some builds have been cheaper and others more expensive. It is a high-quality, well-made rifle and I would recommend it if it seems affordable to you. Others on here will tell you to build your own but if you’re willing to pay for the convenience of picking up an already-assembled AR, go for it. They make high quality guns, unlike the new Bushmaster. So I was recently introduced to A Windham Weaponry AR15. I hadn’t really heard anything about them before.

Don’t forget about the lifetime transferable warranty. I’ve purchased spare parts from them and never had an issue with cost or long shipping times. They also put out a monthly-ish news letter that features a rifle, marketing update, how-to, and letters from owners. does dayquil keep you awake I have a bushmaster preban 14.5 inch heavy barrel. Yes here in the territory you can one have without paying any stamps. I just bought a 20″ from them for a rifle build I just completed. Glad to see there are others on here that prefer chrome-lined barrels.

I would rather choose my own sights then get stuck with what the manufacturer puts on it and charges me an extra $100 or more. Forged in the Old Bushmaster Firearms Tradition, Windham Weaponry is bringing back the original quality of the best selling AR-15 Rifle in America. With all that said, this was my first AR that I specifically purchased to learn the platform. Since then every other AR I have I built myself.

They are rugged, simple, and they work pretty well for not a ton of money. I’ve been running them on my personal AR for a couple years now, and they do the job. Windham has thoughtfully provided two QD sling swivels—one installed in the handguard and one in the QD socket on the buttstock. Windham also includes a black nylon sling; it’s a basic entry-level piece as slings go, but it works.

Aside from the detachable carry handle having a small ding on it, the rifle has been good to go. I mentioned the ding in the industry forum when I reviewed the rifle. I got a reply asking for a pic and a reply stating to send in the handle for a free replacement. While I told Windham I didn’t need a replacement, that act really impressed me.

Plus, it’s their mag so I knew it would work when I ordered it. Its a fine rifle and I like what it stands for. The .308 Winchester round is gaining popularity more and more every day and is arguably the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge on the market. Windham decided to join in on the fun and the result is pretty spectacular. I’m particularly fond of their .308 Hunter in their Electroless Nickel finish (MIL-C-26074E).

There are more expensive AR platforms one can purchase, but not necessarily better ones. The WW SRC maybe an entry level AR to some, but its the perfect weapon for the non-professional, home defender, or prepper who needs a quality long rifle, on a budget. And if the user should decide to do so, the SRC is upgradeable. I’ve owned a Windham MPC since the first year it came out, and it has been a super reliable rifle that shoots anything I feed it. If you harbor any doubts about the quality and reliability of Windham rifles, you must check out the torture test performed on a Windham rifle by LegallyArmedAmerica channel on youtube. You’ll probably go out and buy one after viewing.

For instance, the Maine-based gunmaker has rifles specially designed for those fascist-leaning states, such as California and New York. Likewise, they offer users a wide-variety of calibers, including some less than traditional options. In addition to .300 Blackout and 6.5 Creedmoor, they also manufacture firearms chambered in .450 Thumber and .224 Valkyrie.

I don’t see a “BEST” and think anyone who claims one over another is too narrow-minded to get it. Actually warranties are for products with defects. Looking for information about Windham earlier this year I found all positive info with many raves.