Employees may not know how to prioritise long-term versus short-term needs, or one department may work tactically while another remains strategic. Process conflict commonly arises when two departments, teams, or groups interact on a process. They may view the process differently and disagree on how it should be accomplished or point fingers rather than communicating effectively when problems arise. Now that we know about the causes of such conflicts, we must also understand how dangerous these may prove to be for an organization. Conflicts might arise if the channel member is highly dependent on the manufacturer.

Some of the most well-known and purchased brands out there leverage multiple distribution channels. Nike, for example, balances selling direct-to-consumer through their ecommerce store with selling through retailers . When Benetton, the Italian sportswear designer and manufacturer, decided to open its own specialty shops to sell its merchandise, the firm was engaging in a) channel repetition.

C) maximizing technology implementation. D) cooperation with competitors. Capital is required to make a vertical integration effort possible.

Now the channel conflict occurs, when store 1 services customers from territory 2 or vice versa. This means that the channels are not following rules set by the company and hence it is creating conflict. When there is disagreement among members at the same according to the marketing and promotions process model, the marketing process begins with the: level of marketing channels, such as when Best Buy and Sears engage in a price war on Maytag appliances, ________ channel conflict can occur. Intermediaries need to have technically sound sales force to explain and sell these complex products effectively.

B) safety stock is kept to reduce stockouts. D) purchases are made in small quantities. E) purchases are made frequently. The United States Postal Service works hard to get priority mail from the sender to the recipient as quickly as possible in order to compete with companies such as UPS and FedEx.

It is an interpersonal process that arises from disagreements over the goals or the methods to accomplish those goals. The level to which the conflict is considered critical or needs the attention of the channel leader, i.e., manufacturer, is known as its magnitude. In the vertical level conflict, the channel partner belonging to a higher level enters into a dispute with the channel member of a lower level or vice-versa. In contrast to a traditional channel that focuses mainly on the independence of channel members, a VMS focuses on their interdependence. A Horizontal Marketing System involves cooperation between two or more organisations on the same level of distribution to accomplish a common goal.